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Rain, Rain Go Away

Leaving the crowd behind, they took him along, just as he was, in the boat. There were also other boats with Him. A furious squall came up and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped. Jesus was in the stern sleeping on a cushion. The disciples woke him and said to him, "Teacher don’t you care if we drown?" (Mark 4:35-38)

As you know, we are all running in a race. Have you ever trained for a race and followed a training plan? Well, what if God sent you a text every morning outlining your training goal and His plans for the day? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

The weather forecast is a routine part of the day for many of us. And if you have a fancy Apple Watch, it will even send updated weather news throughout the day. A few days ago I got this weather notification: "Rain will begin around 11:27 am, continuing off and on over next half hour."

At exactly 11:27am, the rain began - not 11:28am - but exactly 11:27am. As I looked at my watch, I thought, "I wish God could send me life warnings through my Apple watch!"

Would you want to know when life’s circumstances were about to change for the good or bad? Is there any way to really be prepared for one of life’s storms? How do you find yourself responding when you hit a stormy situation?

The disciples experienced a life storm while they were with Jesus during an actual weather storm. They were all in a boat with Jesus (who was asleep) when, without warning, a powerful storm came upon them in the middle of the sea. After fighting the rain and waves, they decided to wake Jesus. Even though these men were fishermen they did not know how to handle a boat in the middle of this particular storm. The situation was beyond their experience.

They called out to Jesus and said, "Wake up, don’t you care if we drown?"  Have you ever cried out to Jesus with similar words? The disciples had seen Jesus be kind, loving, and compassionate to so many. What made them think He didn’t care if they drowned?

It only takes a storm to get us to question the love of Jesus. I get it! I have been in many storms in my life and have felt that Jesus must be sleeping or just didn’t care about what I was going through. I remember praying and trying to get His attention when all I could feel was crushing fear beating against my heart. How about you? Have you had life hit you in a similar manner?

When the disciples called out to Jesus, He did calm the storm, and surprisingly, He did not rebuke them for being afraid. The real issue is not being afraid of a storm. That is normal. The issue was their lack of faith!

When we struggle with faith, it can cause us to struggle with really knowing God cares and is in control.

- Biblical faith is faith in who God is.

- Biblical faith says, I believe God does care and He has the power to get me through the storm.

- Biblical faith does not discount fear; it is GREATER than our fear because it rests in God, not ourselves.

Even now, we never know when a few raindrops will turn into a life-threatening storm without warning. What are we to do when this happens? Call on Jesus! And how do we do that? Prayer. We may not have

the power to stop the rain, but we do have the power to call upon Jesus to give us what we need. He is our umbrella, our protection in the midst of the storm. He can give us the faith we need to ride out the storm. There is no such thing as "storm-proof faith."

Will God always calm the storms surrounding our lives? Unfortunately, no, the storms sometimes continue to rage. Faith gives us the assurance that God will keep us safe and allow us to weather any storm with an overwhelming peace that only He provides.

Monthly training tip:
Start every day asking Jesus to give you the faith to trust Him and the strength to keep running whenever you find yourself in an unexpected life storm.

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All About Rain:

We found this article so useful in understanding the biblical references to rain and what their original meanings were. There's also a wonderful application at the bottom of the article. We hope you spend some time this month studying the scriptural significance of rain, and this article can be a very useful tool in that study.


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